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Below is a selection of my refereed conference publications.

Efficient Cryptographic Tools For Secure Distributed Computing

My dissertation developed a set of cryptographic tools which can be used to enhance security of distributed systems.

Yale Press 2006

Threshold and proactive pseudo-random permutations

This paper constructs the first reasonably efficient threshold and proactive pseudo-random permutation. (with Yevgeniy Dodis and Moti Yung)

TCC 2006

Spreading Alerts Quietly and the Subgroup Escape Problem

We construct a new cryptographic primitive blind coupon mechanism, that allows spreading alerts furtively in a network, where adversary observes and controls all traffic. (with James Aspnes, Zoe Dimadi, Kristian Gjosteen, and Rene Peralta)

AsiaCrypt 2006

A Verifiable Random Function With Short Proofs And Keys.

We construct the most efficient verifiable random function to-date with O(1) keys and proofs. (with Yevgeniy Dodis)

PKC 2005 Best Paper Award

Inoculation Strategies for Victims of Viruses

We propose a simple game for modeling containment of the spread of viruses in a graph of n nodes. (with James Aspnes and Kevn Chang)

SODA 2005

Towards a Theory of Data Entanglement

We invent a mechanism to prevent service provider from deleting data of any one user (with James Aspnes, Joan Feigenbaum, and Sheng Zhong)


The Secret To Keeping Secrets

Interview with Yale Scientific about cryptography research at Yale.

Yale Scientific 2005

Steps to take to reduce the anxiety of paying online

New York times article interviewing me about how to shop online securely.

NYTimes 2010